If any bit of possibility, R'envy will challenge to make it come true. I want this kind of things, or I wonder if that can be produced ? R'envy is always ready to make such kind of “Wants” and “Wonders” come true.

Ask us for product development and product planning.

Your fine products/ideas  x  R'envy's fine products/ideas = New great value of the future!

Let's Cast magic on your existing products and ideas.

R'envy Precisely capturing the needs, R'envy will propose planning, designing, production methods and artistic designing.  Matching your requests, R'envy will speedily provide a total support in custom to order basis.

Want to keep good image of the product ? Want to keep good image of the product ? Tell us about OEM know how ? Viable plan for small lots ?

Limitless potentiality

Imagine what kind of new value will be created when your products or ideas meet ours? Wouldn't it be fantastic if what you want to create is realized by combining your products and ours.


Followings are our raw materials.

  • Hormesis powder

    Hormesis powder

    Hormesis powder is believed to have more medical efficacy than high quality natural hot springs.
    Its efficacy to activate cells, improve natural healing ability and improve blood circulation are is drawing universal attention.More details »

  • GMT-SOD  rice germ, soybean extract

    GMT-SOD rice germ,
    soybean extract

    Paying attention to the effects of rice germs and soybeans to remove active enzyme (free radicals human has in nature), we have developed GMT-SOD, the food material extracted from rice germs and soybeans by our proprietary processing method. In addition to such effects, it is proved to have effects to remove active enzyme and peroxidized fat.
    As it goes well with food and is harmless, it can be used for producing foods.More details »

  • Basis materials of soap

    Basis materials of soap

    A soap produced by blending palm oil (*) and coconut oil, which has every function required for soap. (*) extracted from Elaeis guineensis
    R'envy's items are made from ingredients with high safety, high degradability and high eco-friendliness.
    As any material harmful to human skin is removed, it is attracting much attention in the industry. More details »

  • Paeoniae radix essence

    Paeoniae radix essence

    The most popular natural drug in oriental medicine. Has high effect of whitening, anti-inflammatory, hair growth and blood circulation promotion.
    Mainly contained in cosmetic items, such as skin lotion, skin milk, skin cream, and is widely used for anti-aging of skin.More details »

  • Silk fibroin

    Silk fibroin

    Fibroin protein contained in silk, which is simply called silk fibroin, is extracted by our special processing,
    It will be one of the health supplements, egesting excessive cholesterol and fat by sorbing and emulsifying them.
    Silk fibroin is friendly and harmless to human body and organs.
    It is not categorized as drug and has no side effects and whatsoever.
    It gets attention and good support of cosmetic companies and beauty salons.
    More details »

Flow of OEM

 Consultation→Proposal of plans→Prototype→Production, Design→Quotation→Order→Shipping and Delivery→Marketing Support

We will provide necessary trainings and follow-ups for marketing the products.

R'envy produces its own branded products as well as collaborative products and OEM products.

Narrative how AWAGE became reality.

“Narrative how AWAGE became reality.”

What sort of soap will truly be best for human skin, if made without concerns about cost, was the start of invention Of AWAGW.

-Coming Soon-